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Home Automation Packages:  Gecko Home Integrations is a premier home automation company. All of our systems are designed to blend with the home's decor.  We hang our videos panels on picture hangers keeping them less than one inch off the wall.  Speakers are flushed into the wall and ceiling with the equipment located in a closet completely out of sight.   Our controls are so easy to use even the most technically challenged individual will have no problem playing internet radio, satellite radio, pandora, and many other sources.  Every audio and video zone can be  independently powered on, the volume raised and lowered and the source selected.

1.  Network, Phone and TV Prewire:  This section consists of standard wiring for internet, network, phone and coax TV connections.

2.  Completed Wired and Wireless Network:  You will want to go to this section if you would like us to install the wired and wireless switches required for a complete and secure network.  It also includes completing the network installation and configuration.

3.  Audio and Video Prewire:  If you would like to prewire your home for audio and video only and do not need us to provide or install and configure a surround sound or distributed audio system then you will need to go to this section to configure.

4.  Complete Audio and Video Rooms:  If you would like a room with flushed in speakers and High Definition Video as well as a remote control system to seamlessly operate then you will want to reference this section.

5.  Distributed Audio System:  If you would like us to install a multi-room Audio System where we provide the cabling, hardware, control system installation and programming then you will want to explore this section.

6. Whole-Home HD Video:  If you would like to have flat panels installed in various areas throughout the home on walls, from ceilings or outdoors with the equipment hidden in a centralized closet and easily controlled from our touchpanels and programmed remote controls then you will want to visit this section.

7.  Because Video Displays are selected based on the specific area and what it will accomodate this section provides Video Panels and their associated dimensions to help you properly select for the packages in the previous sections.


We will consistently be updating the site with more modules providing control over the cameras, lighting,  pool and spa, climate, security system and much more.  Any of our systems that include apple controls have the ability to be controlled within the home and over the internet.

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