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6. Complete Whole Home HD Video

The video packages offered by gecko are distributed from the same location the audio will be.  The DVD player, satellite and/or cable boxes, as well as any media players streaming netflix and online content are all located in the same location.  For convenience purposes we may locate a DVD player and/or ipod dock in an alternate location more convenient to access for users. By doing this we prevent equipment and cables from being visible around the house and are able to elegantly mount video displays based on where they look the best without having to consider where the equipment will be.  Controlling the system from any room is a matter of pressing two buttons on the control.  The only thing not included in the packages are the actual video display, projectors, and associated brackets.  Size and type are usually determined by location and utilization.  The video distribution is all hdmi digital video with 3D capability.  All rooms have the ability to display standard satellite or cable tv over the standard wiring package's coax TV wire in the base package.  The advantage the distributed video system provides is the multitide of sources provided from the central closet including Blue Ray, DVD,  a wide array of Internet Media including Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook and, of course, high definition satellite and/or cable TV.

The drawing merely represent how all the equipment can be located in a closet and panels can be hung or installed where they best make sense and blend with the home interior.


Zone Video Distribution Upgrade:  Works when combined with a Surround or Single Room Package otherwise bluray, Apple TV and DVRs will need to be added:  Accommodates up to four zones of high definition video.  This is a per zone price.  The number of zones is determined by how many rooms you intend to have Video Panels located.  Usually the panels are hung on the wall.  Gecko mounts flat panels on picture hangers keeping them less than one inch off the wall.


Additional Video Zones two through four:  

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